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Van Rensburg Incorporated opened its doors in 1991 as a small Pretoria based legal firm. Today we are a market leader in the field of Property Law and we offer our clients a wide range of legal services. We see our company as a family, and from this strong foundation we are able to provide an exceptional and personal service to our clients. We understand that in times of need our clients require real solutions and our team of experienced professionals will go the extra mile to realize timeous and successful results.
Our primary mission is to provide exceptional legal services to our clients on a timeous, effective and efficient basis.

Our staff, which forms the backbone of our operation, benefit from the security of an enjoyable, productive and stable work environment. We promote open communication and mutual respect and we encourage initiative, innovation and teamwork.

Every client, irrespective of his/her race, gender, disabilities, sexual orientation or income, is treated professionally and with the utmost respect. Our actions are measured on the highest levels of integrity, and we strive to provide a truly personal service.
Van Rensburg Inc is currently recognized as a LEVEL 1 B-BBEE Contributor. We promote the development of individuals irrespective of their race or background. As such, our racially diversified staff consists of the best and most experienced individuals to provide a world-class service to our clients.

A crucial part of our B-BBEE strategy is to assist in the provision of housing to previously disadvantaged people. We are involved in various projects purely focused on low cost housing. Our costs are kept to the minimum in order to ensure maximum benefit for previously disadvantaged new home owners.
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